If you’re not sure of the best way to keep your office workers happy, try this. But apart from providing delicious and healthy lunches that will blow the mind even of the most “foody” colleague, then cool office summer party venues are the next best thing.

When you start looking for summer party venues, it is hard to know when to stop but these are without a doubt the top 23 for 200+ people (most of them with options for smaller groups too).



Secret rooftop Dalston.
Not only is it an oasis in the sky with plush turf, palm trees and a Martin Audio Soundsystem (a large, loudspeaker…?) But it also has two bars, an undercover bit if it rains AND is a social enterprise supporting start-ups and charities. Win-win!
PRICE: depends on party size and package.

A rooftop venue? In East London???? NO!
Yes, but this one is bigger AND there are loads of games like crazy golf, sluggers (not sure) and bowls. BOWLS. God that’s so East London. And bars and street food. Also very nice and helpful people on the other end of an email.
PEOPLE: 30 – 300 (or 600 on Mondays)
PRICE: £40 – £70 per head depending on drinks, food and games package

Hang on, hang on, did you say rooftop venue in EAST LONDON?????
Wow, this is getting a bit repetitive… each of them has different things to offer though you can’t just pigeonhole everyone in East London. Seriously – this one is in Tobacco Dock. Tick. It has petanque. Tick. It has croquet. Tick. It has fondue as a food vendor. Crying emoji.
PEOPLE: 250 – 650
PRICE: depends on the package (smaller groups are £10 per table of 10 not including food or drinks)

office summer party croquet

Garden in the sky
OK we are all aware the sky garden on top of the walkie talkie building exists but you didn’t know it could be hired out did you? Oh you did well have you been there yet? No, exactly. Get it booked for your party then (if you’ve got a big budget).
PRICE: £25,000 (Min spend catering package)

IN a roundabout!
OMG. The best thing about this venue is you get to it through a secret door from Old Street station. Actually, that’s not the best thing but that is pretty fucking cool. Three bars, food vendors, DJ booth, dance area. You’re in the middle of Old Street roundabout!!!!
PEOPLE: up to 500
PRICE: Min bar spend £5000 – £14,500 depending on day of the week
Phone: 07494 029 420

On a jetty?
This is quite far east but definitely one of the more interesting venues if you are looking for something different. Described as a “botanically themed hub of creativity and wellbeing”. Swanky.
PEOPLE: up to 400
PRICE: £3600 (just for venue)

In a pub
So it’s not all that secret being on the corner of Viccy Park but there is a BBQ, a beer can (shaped?) bar and crazy golf. Also with £4k min bar spend and no fee for the venue itself it is a pretty great deal.
PEOPLE: up to 450
PRICE: Min bar spend £4000 – £6000 depending on day of the week
phone: 0208 533 0040

89 bars, 276 food vendors
Kind of. More like nine bars and twelve food vendors. But that’s a lot. Plus it’s in Canada Water which is probably the easiest place to get home from. If you live in Peckham. Which for some reason loads of people do.
PEOPLE: 200 – 3000
PRICE: Min bar spend £20,000 (for whole venue)

Massive beyond comprehension
It is quite difficult to imagine how big this place actually is and whether anyone would even need a space this big for an office summer party but FUCK IT. It is in CANADA WATER (WTF???? Honestly just look at the photos). So, if you fancy throwing a party that feels like Sonar circa 2006 then this is defo it.
PEOPLE: up to 6000
PRICE: depends on room/whole venue
Phone 0208 498 4934

massive office summer party


On the DL
This is underground so it’s good in a way that you don’t have to shit yourself the week before the event that your roof party is going to be wiped out by a typhoon. And there are so many opportunities for different music/food/activities in each room – the big black one, the mezzy one, the long wet one. A cool venue with well named rooms.
PEOPLE: up to 1000
PRICE: costs are based upon usage – space used, staff required, timings of event
Phone: 0207 401 9603

Another level
This is more for the Soho House type party because it’s in Soho and is on lots of different levels… It is for the type of party where you want to look classy, feel classy and do the walk of shame the next day after staying at a colleague’s flat who you spoke to for the first time the night before because you were in Soho until 4am. Worth it for the story.
PEOPLE: 80 – 300
PRICE: depends on package
Phone: 0203 666 2304

Where royal weddings happen
A perfect setting for an afternoon summer garden party in central London with Westminster Abbey as the backdrop. Cocktails in teapots, cucumber sandwiches, floaty summer dresses and boater hats. It’s the sophisticated and wholesome choice. Nothing bad ever happens at party with free booze.
PEOPLE: 240 dining or 1000 standing
PRICE: £7,800 daytime or £13,800 evening (venue only)


50s market life
Run by Street Feast the same people as Hawker House, this is another street food vendor dream in Lewisham this time but the setting is even cooler having been transformed from a 1950s market with colourful tin roofs and loads of other cool shit. Space to organise activities and give out awards for most annoying person in the office, that kind of thing.
PEOPLE: 100 – 800
PRICE: depends on package

office summer party awards

In a shipping container
You can hire out a space at Pop Brixton which is perfect because if you’ve been before in the summer you will know it is impossible to find somewhere to sit down – not great when you’ve got your sunglasses on, tanned legs out, looking fucking cool and you get meat juice down your white t-shirt. You can also opt for extras like a live band, ice cream stand and photo booth.
PEOPLE: Up to 250
PRICE: cheapest £25 per head

House party
This is pretty cool – a back room in a pub is set up like a house party with a kitchen, bed, lounge area and a Smeg fridge stocked full for arrival. And a garden with its own bar. The house party room holds up to 80 people but you can hire out the whole pub for even bigger groups. Yay.
PEOPLE: 80 – 380
PRICE: £2,000 – £2,500 min bar spend (Mon – Wed only)
Phone: 0207 622 2112

Heated huts
If you haven’t been to Hope and Anchor slap bang between Brixton and Clapham then you haven’t seen quite how big a beer garden in London can be. Made especially awesome because it has heated huts which is a nice touch because let’s be honest it is cold when the sun goes down. All thirteen huts and garden can be hired out giving you a perfect space for an office summer party.
PEOPLE: 200 seated, 500 standing
PRICE: £50 per hut (25 people)
Phone: 0207 274 8794


The only people who don’t like karaoke at an office party are the ones who don’t like making a fool of themselves. Or is that the other way around? Either way there should always be one summer party where karaoke is involved as it will be the one that everyone remembers. This is in Camden and there is also table football, air hockey and arcade games.
PEOPLE: 100 – 400
PRICE: depends on package
Phone: 0207 424 0800

In a gallery
For a chance to act like you belong to the arty/model/kids of famous people set in London where every night is another party in a gallery, free drinks and debauchery – here it is. This gallery is in a very nice neighbourhood in Islington just round the corner from Hi & I tube.
PEOPLE: up to 200
PRICE: £1,200 (venue only)
Phone: 0207 704 9522

In Regent’s Park
For ease of organisation you can’t go wrong with this. Completely set up with different options for catering, drinks and games packages all you have to do is pick up a phone and pick a date. Games include – traditional garden games, team events games, traditional funfair games, indoor games, retro arcade games, scalextrix. JESUS.
PEOPLE: 100 – 1,200
PRICE: start from £108.50 per person (venue, food & drink inc.)
Phone: 0207 487 7540


On a beach
This is the one where you need guaranteed sun and warmth which is tricky but if you go for something like 21st September you MIGHT be all right. You can relax in the sunshine while dedicated beach butlers bring you bespoke cocktails. God it’s like Ibiza, and it’s by the Thames so if it really is hot you can go for a quick dip. Joke. It’s just next to Wandsworth Bridge.
PEOPLE: up to 500
PRICE: £250 per hour (venue only)

In a palace perhaps?
Ooooh who hasn’t wondered what goes on behind those palace walls as you drive along Fulham Palace Road (or the A219 if you’re a numbers person.) Well you can actually go in there and have a party if you like. Try not to vom on royal property though.
PEOPLE: up to 700 for garden party
PRICE: £3,600 (venue only)
Phone: 020 7610 7162

“Turning the Acton pub experience upside down and flying it way beyond the clouds.” Go and see for yourself. Only the Reserve garden is available for hire which has a fire pit, BBQ and benches. But the other part of the pub has virtual reality games, photo booth and some interesting shows.
PEOPLE: up to 200
PRICE: £1,000 min bar spend
Phone: 0208 993 4242


A land that dreams were made of
Ok this is going out with a bang. There has never been a better office summer party than in a THEME PARK in MARGATE. Not just any theme park – the oldest surviving theme park in the UK. It just got done up in 2017 so there’s no need to be anxious. And it’s right on the beach so if rides aren’t your thing you can wander around and have a 99 flake. There are loads of different spaces here for different numbers of people so check out the website and make a summer party into a day people will never forget.
PEOPLE: 6000
PRICE: depends on package