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The best companies invest a lot of time and money in making sure their employees are happy, and if you’re looking for office catering then it looks like you’re lucky enough to work for one of them.

Feastly’s office catering services make it easy for business in London to provide their employees with a delicious and healthy lunch in their office.

Catered lunches are a great way to get employees to interact with people outside of their working teams and our buffet style feasts make lunchtimes more sociable for everyone.

How many people can you cater for?

We currently serve a daily lunch for offices of 50 to 200, but thanks to a recent move to our new kitchens we can cater for even bigger businesses. We’re also working on a lunch menu for smaller teams but at the moment we only cater for offices of 50 or more.

How often do you deliver?

That’s really down to you, all we ask is that you commit to a regular delivery so we can schedule in your lunches. Most of our clients have a daily delivery but in the past we’ve delivered every other day, four times a week or once a fortnight. If you’re just starting to think about catering for your office, speak to our catering team who are always happy to advise on a schedule that works for you.

What’s the food like?

Feastly is so much more than your average contract caterer. We don’t just knock up a quick batch of sandwich platters or pick up from the latest pop-up street vendor. All our menus are carefully planned by experienced chefs, to provide a dining experience for your employees, that brings them together to socialise and build stronger working relationships.

We deliver a different menu every day, usually themed around a specific region of cooking or event, and we’re happy to work with you to adapt menus to suit your team. Take our Fun Friday menus, for example, a set of fun feasts developed to compliment the company culture for some of our clients – think American Hot Dogs or Build-a-Burger.

Our feasts always contain at least one proper vegetarian option that’s at least as good as the main menu and we can be flexible to accommodate all dietary requirements and allergies. We’ve also got experience in sourcing Kosher and Halal ingredients, just make sure to mention it when you speak to our catering team.

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Feastly Office Catering

Our clients choose Feastly for their office catering because we help bring your team together, build stronger working relationships and improve employee satisfaction and retention. Your staff get to enjoy great food from around the world and you get happy, healthy employees – what’s not to love!

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