A good handyman service in London is like gold-dust. If you find a good one, hold on to them and treat them nice – pay them quickly, be reasonable – after all, you need them more than they need you. Here are some real-office problems with links to handyman services that can solve them.


I need someone now, I don’t mind paying a bit more to do the job properly, it just needs to be IMMEDIATELY – the girls’ loo is blocked, the stairs have caved in and there are holes in the wall where mice are coming in.


  • Go to one of the bigger companies that guarantee same day service
  • Ring or book online NOW before anything else bad happens


Handy Squad – for handyman, plumbing, electrics, decorating, carpentry, moving, putting stuff up, and errr jet washing.

Silver Saints – for hanging stuff, electrical work, plumbing, fitting and fixing, gas, boiler and heating.

Simply London Handyman – for a same day handyman service.



I have a few odd jobs that need doing that aren’t urgent, like putting up shelves and fixing the dodgy tap in the kitchen. My main focus is keeping costs down but I want to find someone that I like and trust, and can use again in the future.


This will take you a bit more time upfront but once you’ve done the research that’s it for the end of time… Or at least until you move offices, or your handyman retires to Spain. Soz.

  • Ring around at least 5 different handymen in your area
  • Ask them how experienced they are and what their skills cover
  • Tell them exactly what you want done and get a quote there and then
  • Get them to come to the office and meet them in person – set a time to check if they are reliable
  • Go with the one you like most / that doesn’t show any crack
  • Pay in cash on the day, so they also like you back


Gumtree – you can search by postcode, so the results should be really local.

MyBuilder – local independent tradesmen, with reliable reviews from other customers.

Trust a Trader – search by trade and postcode and chat to a builder before confirming to go ahead.


I manage a big office, I need someone to be on time, professional, who quickly responds with quotes and sticks to them… Oh, and I need to pay with a company card not cash.


If budget isn’t an issue you may want to start a contract, so you never need to worry or read blogs like this ever again.


MG London – handles individual properties, as well as commercial ones.

Local Heroes – you have a 12-month guarantee for the services they provide.


We’re moving to a new office in a few weeks. I’m not entirely sure what needs doing (because, as usual, no one knows what’s going on) but I need someone who is going to give an excellent day rate and will guarantee good service.


  • Make sure you get a daily rate quote beforehand so you don’t get ripped off


0800 Handyman – whatever the reason, whatever the task, and an affordable rate.

Handy For London – small company offering all DIY needs.