Organising team building activities in London used to be a game of rounders in Hyde Park with warm beers. That was before you could simply Google ‘team building activities in London’ and get masses of results to trawl through. How things have changed…

There are literally hundreds of ways to get employees mingling and working together on things that could be way more interesting that their day job. It’s a beautiful moment when the CEO’s axe-throw misses the target, again… Well, we can’t all be good at everything can we?


The idea of Work of Art is to split into smaller groups and each team will have a piece of an overall picture to paint, not knowing what that bigger picture is. Then, everyone will come together at the end and piece the picture together like a puzzle. This sounds like it could really bond people with the power of group-fuelled art but in reality, it will end up being about that one team that messed it up, which will be fun too.


OK, this is pretty lazy research but most people do like table tennis – or have to pretend they do in order to not be left out when their friends insist on playing it. Rent loads of table tennis tables, organise a massive tournament and see how competitive your boss is. This is assuming you have a large warehouse office that can fit 10 table tennis tables in it at one time. You could also just hire out the entire downstairs of Bounce.


Get the whole office to Last Man Standing – a live gameshow pub quiz. Lots of booze always does the trick to make you think you know more than you do, so confidence will be soaring. A quiz is also a good way not to avoid chit chat: “Shh please, I’m concentrating”.


The multi-purpose venue, Drink Shop Do, offers a range of hands-on activities for groups. The skill here is picking something appropriate for your gang ’cause, let’s face it, not everyone wants to go home with a hand-crafted boob pot or a porno dot-to-dot (yep, both legit workshops here). Musical bingo, lego-robot-making and neon life drawing are just some of the other off-centre activities on offer.


Obvious but good – you can split into smaller groups and the required attention to the task means awkward chat is kept to a minimum. There are some cool venues around London to go golf crazy in, including one reminiscent of Jurassic Park, complete with dinosaurs and waterfalls – Jurassic Falls in E4.


Even if football isn’t everyone’s thing, Bubble Football does look quite fun, because you’re in an actual bubble. Therefore, it’s obviously fair game to push someone over (they’ll bounce, right?!), steal the ball and score a goal (or at least try). It’s like living Mario Karts…


Four Thieves Pub in Clapham Junction has a remote-control car racing track. Err this might be the best idea ever. Don’t even wait for the team building event. Just stop what you’re doing and go there now.


Archery is a bit more posh and not really about a team, actually quite individual but fun none the less. So divide into teams and compete against other departments obviously! If you like the idea of throwing sharp things and targets but fancy something with a little more clout, get your department down to Whistle Punks‘ axe-throwing venue for a whole loada dangerous fun.


Nobody knows how shuffle board is played or won (or where it came from having suddenly appeared on the London-pub scene?!), but that’s why you should play it as an office team-building activity. Because then, when you go with your mates, you will know, and you will have got some good practice in. And you can add cocktail making class to the activities, to break the ice. Ha! Good one.


This is maybe a bit cutesy but terrarium-making is something different and who doesn’t want a miniature bottled plant on their desk? If that’s a bit quaint, why not head to a city farm and really get muddy with a volunteer day. Sutton Community Farm in South London grows organic vegetables for their local vegbox scheme – you might learn a thing or two about your food whilst you’re at it!


If you don’t want to learn about how food’s grown, how about how it’s cooked? There are some excellent places for teams to try out their culinary skills. The London Paella school will talk you through tapas, whilst The Big London Bake (pictured at top) takes the institution that is The Great British Bake Off as its format; you’ll have to elect your own Paul Hollywood for the much-coveted handshake though.