We appreciate that everything we eat has an impact on the environment and the climate. As food producers, we have a responsibility to put the planet’s health – and the wellbeing of its inhabitants – at the heart of everything we do.


As part of our customer care initiatives, we frequently collect feedback from the people we feed to help us refine and personalise our services. For every five feedback forms we receive, we plant a tree.

Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide emissions that are warming up our planet, and scientists have described their potential as ‘mind-blowing’. We, for one, are ready to have our brains exploded for the sake of our earth’s future.


It’s one of those words you hear banded-about a lot isn’t it? For us, ‘sustainability’ means operating in a way that maintains healthy people and planet. Still feel a bit vague? Here are some examples:

We use as little plastic as possible and, if we do need to use it, work with biodegradable versions. We try to keep packaging in general to a minimum, and we are working on intitatives to reduce waste food in the workplaces we service, as well as our carbon emissions.


When it comes to our workplace, we practise what we preach (it would be pretty embarrassing if we didn’t). So, amongst other things, we use a green energy supplier, recycle properly and encourage cycling to work.

We also take the wellbeing of our staff seriously and feed our team a free Feastly lunch every day. We’re working on a full CSR explainer, so watch this space for a more in-depth insight into our impact, and what we’re doing about it, soon.